That’s right Royals, Royalty in Reality is officially one year old! I can’t believe how quickly this year has passed and all that I’ve accomplished running the blog in my “spare time”. I also can’t thank the people who have played a role in this journey enough for their loyalty, support, and encouragement. While I am tremendously proud of my little piece of the internet and grateful for all those that have supported it, there is so much more I want to do with Royalty in Reality.

It is hard to believe that Royalty in Reality is already celebrating its 1st b-day. Join me as I recap this past year and set goals for year two!

Royalty in Reality is Officially ONE

In a year’s time there have been exactly 110 posts and over 1900 blog comments. There have been 87,000+ pageviews and over 20,000 unique visitors. I’ve been blessed to have worked with brands such as Dove, JORD, and Groupon. I’ve enjoyed numerous collaborations with fellow bloggers, one of my favorites being the Thursday 3 link up I co-host with Allison of LiveLifeWell. I’ve met sooooo many St. Louis based bloggers and have enjoyed spending time with them at several networking events. In all honestly, meeting other bloggers has probably been the best part about my blogging journey. I love being around like-minded women of various ages, backgrounds, and cultures who also share an entrepreneurial spirit and love fashion.

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royalty in realityroyalty in reality

royalty in reality royalty in realityroyalty in reality It is hard to believe that Royalty in Reality is already celebrating its 1st b-day. Join me as I recap this past year and set goals for year two! royalty in reality

Dress: H&M (similar) | Shoes: Steve Madden | Sunnies: Kate Spade (similar) | Watch: JORD | Earrings: Kate Spade | Bracelet & Ring: Joya

While year one has been awesome, I’m already extremely excited for year two. I have a lot of “little goals” for Royalty in Reality in its second year, but there are three BIG goals I’d like to share:

Royalty in Reality’s BIG THREE Goals for Year Two: 

  1. Officially launch an E-Styling Service – I love helping people and I love fashion. What better way to help people than making sure they’re fashionable? Read all about my potential new service and participate in a BRIEF (two question) survey that will help me create a service to meet your needs at an affordable price here.
  2. Increase my Social Media presence – As fun as social media is, it’s really hard to use it effectively. My favorite big time bloggers use social media to let their tribe in on their every day life. This means they’re posting high quality content to multiple platforms multiple times a day. I’d like to commit to posting to Instagram at least once a day and pinning 40-50 relevant pins each day. While there are a TON of social media platforms, I know that focusing on ALL of them at once will not be beneficial, so I want to spend year two working on Pinterest and Instagram.
  3. Share two “Dear Roxy C” posts each month – I’m really passionate about helping people and I love giving advice to help make others’ lives easier. I created Dear Roxy C to be a place where people could anonymously seek advice about anything “keeping them up at night”. Through my adult years I’ve realized that many millennials are plagued by the same issues. Whether you’ve had a disagreement with a friend and need someone to give you a different perspective or you’re trying to figure out how to approach your crush, I’m ready and waiting to help you out with the same advice I’d give my closest friends.

I’m excited for year two and can only hope it will be as amazing as year one. While I’m working toward my big three goals, you can expect to continue seeing posts about relationships, general advice, money tips, and fashion. I’m hoping once my life settles down a bit (LOL..right), I can hit the food/recipe aspect hard. I’d love for all of my Royals to celebrate with me by following along on social media and, if you haven’t already, subscribe (side bar or up top) so you don’t miss all the exciting things coming in year two.

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What would you like to see on Royalty in Reality in year two? Got any advice to make year two an even bigger success?


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15 comments on “Royalty in Reality is Officially ONE!”

  1. Congratulations on your first year, sounds like it’s been an exciting one! It’s good that you have goals moving forward. I love your shoes with that outfit, by the way. Super cute photo shoot!

  2. Happy Blog Birthday! I really like this idea of summing up your year and sharing your future goals. Thats awesome. It also inspired me to maybe include an advice section in the future to my blog I am in the counseling field by trade and that would be a great way to combine my passions. We’ll see what the future holds! Good luck to a great 2nd yr!

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