The first excuse to binge eat and drink is upon us, Super Bowl 50 is this Sunday! This day also comes just a little bit over a month after we have all made resolutions to be more health conscious, eat better, lose weight, or exercise more. For those of us with these goals, a day of eating hot wings, pizza, drinking beer, and eating cute football decorated cupcakes can really set us back. While we’ve decided not to host a Super Bowl party this year, we will be attending one and I want to be sure there is at least one dish The Boy and I won’t feel guilty about eating. In trying to decide what I should make, I did what any blogger would do, went to my blogging community to ask for help! I was overwhelmed by the response I got from my BLM girls! They suggested so many healthy-ish and delicious looking recipes that I had to share some of them with all of you!

recipe roundup

I don’t think it’s possible to have a super bowl party without wings. Most people will stick to traditional hot wings, but Nicole of Nicole’s Lifestyle Lounge has come up with these 3 step, no fry, Tequila Jerk Wings that are sure to be a hit at any party!

recipe roundup

This past weekend the temperature got up to 66 degrees and if the weather holds for next weekend we will be able to fire up the grill! Theresa of The Importance of Being Reese created Teriyaki and Sesame Pork Kabobs with pineapples, onions, cherry tomatoes, and pork tenderloin. If you don’t eat pork, I’m sure you could make these with chicken or beef.

recipe roundup

I cannot resist bread,especially cheesy bread from pretty much any pizza place. If you’re trying to stick to your health regime, making it at home is a much better option. Ashley over at Mommy Week created an easy cheesy garlic bread for a more affordable, more healthy option.

recipe roundup

Vanessa over at Smart Little Cookie must have shared my thought process about great super bowl recipes when she created her Buffalo Chicken Mini Pizzas. What I love most about her recipe is that she made the buffalo sauce herself!

recipe roundup

Guacamole is always a hit at any party. Marjory of The Dinner Mom created this super easy step by step tutorial for a delicious guacamole dip. I love that she even details how to pick the perfect avocado and includes a ton of pictures to help you as you go along (I’m a visual learner).

recipe roundup

There were so many awesome recipes suggested and it was so hard picking just a few. I just want to thank all of my blogger babes that sent me Super Bowl recipe ideas! I’m actually going to make one of this five for the Super Bowl party we are attended so be sure to check back next Tuesday to see which one I made!

Which recipe should I make? What are your favorite Super Bowl party recipes? I’d love for you to share them below!


p.s. These recipes may not be oozing in health, BUT they’re a much better option than many of the things offered at Super Bowl parties. Plus, it’s just one day…like The Boy says “don’t tease yourself, treat yourself”!

p.p.s All of the photos seen here belong to the respective bloggers.

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  1. I’m all over food holidays, and Super Bowl is one of the best! I can’t wait to eat Buffalo flavored everything this weekend, but that garlic bread sure looks delicious too! Great roundup!

  2. You have an impressive selection of foods for Superbowl that I can’t add anything more to it.. When is dinner served? 🙂

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