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7 Tips on How to Pick Your Wedding Venue

One of the many things that has kept me away from the blogosphere has been wedding planning. I’ve gotten off to a slow start and already have begun experience the “shoulda, woulda, couldas”, but I guess you live and you learn. Now that we’re in 2018 and the wedding is officially next year, I want to get the ball rolling. Per my wedding planner, the very first thing I needed to get done was picking a venue. I’m fairly indecisive so I ended up probably considering researching at least 12 venues and visiting seven..some twice. Now that I’ve picked a venue (eeekkk!!), it seemed time to share my tips on how to pick your venue. Hopefully these tips will my fellow brides from agonizing the way I did. (more…)

Creating the Perfect Royal Court: Bridesmaid Proposals

Since The Boy and I got engaged, there have been three questions on the forefront of everyone’s mind: 1) When is the big day?, 2) How did he ask?, and 3) Have you picked your bridesmaids? I’m not ashamed to admit that I had a list of potential bridesmaids on a note in my phone for AGES…while I may not have always known who my husband would be I had a pretty solid idea of the ladies who would be standing beside me when I said I do. One of the first things I did after The Boy proposed was to start googling “how to propose to my bridesmaids”. I wanted to do something special, but I also didn’t want to spend a crazy amount of money. Almost everything I found online was kind of lame or over done, so I had to get a little creative and put a special spin on my bridesmaid proposals. (more…)