It’s no secret around here that I’m a fan of all things simple. Whether it’s the lazy girl’s guide to a morning routine or a meal that doesn’t require hours to make, I’m here for anything that makes my life easier without skimping on the quality. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been the girl who NEVER knows what to wear and spends far too much time standing in front of the closet in my underwear. Let me tell you guys my life changed when the athlesiure wear trend came along and I’m hoping it is here to stay!

Whether you're headed out to the gym or drinks with the girls, athleisure wear is the perfect solution for the fashionista who wants to be trendy AND comfortable!

3 Must Shop Stores for Trendy (Affordable) Athlesiure Wear

So first things first, some of you may be wondering what athleisure wear is. Simply put, some may describe it as dressed up gym clothes and I would somewhat agree. However, many companies have expanded athleisure beyond yoga pants and graphic tees. The trend now also includes sweaters, dresses, jackets, and more. Athleisure is now totally acceptable for running errands, lunch/dinner dates, backyard bbqs, shoot in some cases some pieces can even be worn in the office! In fact, it’s the versatility that I love most. If you negate the fact that one may be sweaty/smelly after leaving the gym, athleisure lets you roll right on to the next activity/event without an outfit change!

athleisure wearathleisure wear

It’s been my general observation that pretty much every company/brand is jumping on the athleisure bandwagon and I’m here for it! I’m always on the hunt for brands that have pieces that are of high quality/durability and are affordable. I don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on a pair of leggings that are totally see through (y’all all know what brand most notorious for that). Lately I’ve been a frequent shopper at a few that I think anyone looking to join the athleisure movement should certainly know about.

  1. Victoria’s Secret. Who would’ve thought that a store that sales one pair of undies for $11 would be a go-to for anything for a girl on a budget.  I love love love their leggings. They are super soft, durable, come in awesome colors, and have all the latest trends (cut outs/mesh!!!). A pair can run you anywhere between $49-$70, but it seems as of late Vicky’s is always having some kind of sale. My favorite time to stock up is basically anytime they have a “buy X, get a discount on leggings” or “spend $XXX, save $XX”. My point, I’m rarely paying full price, but even if I had to, their leggings are much cheaper than some other brands.
  2. Fabletics. While anyone can shop at their local fabletics, the real savings/fun begins when you become a VIP member. For a monthly fee of $49.95, you will have access to exclusive discounts for different stylish outfits! Now before you all start freaking out, every month you have the option to “skip the month” so that you will not be charged, BUT you’re still allowed to shop at the VIP rate. Also, that monthly $49.95 goes to a store credit on your account so you’re able to apply those funds on actual merchandise! I fell in love with fabletics because it gives you a new selection of styles EVERY month AND they have more than just leggings, sports bras, and tanks. The dress I’m wearing in this post is totally from Fabletics!
  3. Old Navy Active. So first and foremost, I am a HUGE Old Navy fan. I shop there for casual wear, business wear, beachwear…basically everything. Totally not a stretch that I’d be into their activewear too. Their leggings are great, their tees are even better, but the real winner at Old Navy is the athleisure sweaters/jackets. They basically all lend themselves well to being worn to the gym, the office, or going out.

athleisure wearathleisure wearathleisure wear

The key to successfully rocking athleisure is styling. If you’re planning to wear it to the gym or just for a casual day out, sneakers are totally appropriate. Adding jewelry/accessories to your look can make all the difference. Lots of ladies are taking their athleisure to the club/bar by styling it with heels and night-time makeup looks. I haven’t pulled this one off yet, but I’m certainly on the lookout for something that’s comfy and stylish that I can also wear for a night on the town!

How do you feel about athleisure? Is it a trend you’re proud to rock or one you’re ready to see fade away?


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